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OneRecruit v3


We have just released OneRecruit v3 with a new major UI refresh.

List of updates include

  • User Interface (UI) refresh

  • Ability to switch between data views

  • Better filtering and search options in data views

  • Calendar overview


  • Applicants timeline
  • Workflow stage
  • Workflow timeline
  • Referral source
  • Relevance score distribution

Predictive Analysis
Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) we compare and scan applicants and provide a score for each applicant between 0 - 100% on how relevant their applicant is based on their application, other applicants, tags, past history and job description.

Use this as a guide to help you focus on the most important applicants.

If an applicant receives a score of N/A it means we did not have enough data to score the applicant.

In an internal study applicants who reached top 10% in Relevance Score were likely to hired.